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First timer’s guide

First Timer’s Guide
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Electronic Courtesy

Cameras and recording devices of any type are not permitted at any Raue Center performance. Violators are subject to removal. Please remember to turn off all cellular phones and electronic watch alarms before entering the theatre. Please be mindful that the illumination from cellular phones and other electronic devices cause a glare for the performers.

Facility Fee

A $7.00 per order facility fee is included on all touring show ticket orders. A $5.00 per order, non-refundable facility fee will be included on all community show ticket orders. These are non-refundable and help with the restoration and maintenance of Raue Center.

Shipping & Handling Fee

All tickets mailed will be subject to a $2.00 shipping and handling fee.


We are unable to offer refunds on tickets unless a performance is canceled. Programs, dates, and times are subject to change. All ticket sales are final.

No refunds will be offered on previously purchased tickets if a promotional price is offered at a later date. If a performance is canceled, return your tickets to the Raue Center Box Office for a full refund or exchange toward another Raue Center event.

Ticket Exchange

Subscribers may exchange their tickets for another Raue Center event within the season year. Present your tickets to Raue Center Box Office at least one business day before your purchased performance and select the new performance you would like to attend. If the new performance has a higher ticket price,you’ll need to pay the difference, however, with a lower ticket price, the difference is non-refundable. You may also exchange your tickets for a tax-deductible contribution to Raue Center’s Annual Campaign. Ticket exchanges between two people or after an event has occurred are not allowed.

Tax Deductible Ticket Donations

If you are unable to use a ticket, please consider returning it to Raue Center as a tax-deductible donation. Tickets must be returned to Raue Center Box Office at least one hour prior to the performance.

Lost Tickets

There is a $2 per ticket service charge for reprinting lost tickets.

Large Bags, Purses & Backpacks 

Raue Center does not allow patrons to bring large bags into the building. Ushers will ask patrons to leave such items in their vehicles and/or search them.