26 N Williams Street, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Our Staff


Raue Center & William Street Rep. Staff

  • Richard Kuranda, executive director/founding artistic director (CEO)
  • Justin Wellington, managing director
  • Meredith Schaefer, director of marketing & institutional advancement
  • Michele V. Knight, marketing manager
  • James Knight, economic development manager
  • Maribeth Ling, front-of-house manager
  • Jenna Klaproth, operations manager
  • Chris Tumblin, production director
  • Ryan Meadow, production manager

Richard Kuranda
Executive Director, Founding Artistic Director

Justin Wellington
Managing Director

Meredith Schaefer
Director of Marketing & Institutional Advancement

Michele Vazquez
Marketing Manager/Graphic Design

James Knight
Development Manager

Maribeth Ling
Front-Of-House Manager

Jenna Klaproth
Operations Manager

Chris Tumbin
Production Director

Ryan Meadow
Production Manager