Raue Center Audience Code of Conduct

Raue Center is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all, including artists, patrons, volunteers and staff.  The following code of conduct for attending Raue Center For The Arts has been created to safeguard Raue Center and its patrons. 



In this theater, we are one community, coming together to experience the arts. Everyone belongs here and we look forward to welcoming you!

We encourage patrons to laugh, gasp, weep, and even dance! However, we expect patrons to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect and consideration for other audience members, volunteers, and staff at all times. A disruptive audience member or guest may be refused entry or ejected if their behavior is considered intimidating, harassing, or a nuisance.



Should you feel harassed in any way or observe any harassment of patrons or staff, please inform the On Duty House Manager or Box Office immediately. 

We reserve the right to remove any guest at any time that is under suspicion of acting inappropriately or counter to this code of conduct. Should any guest be removed from our premises, they may forfeit any further right to enter our premises, use their membership and/or be barred from subsequent entry. We will offer no reimbursement for financial loss that the guest will incur as a consequence of our need to take action.



If you choose to share your opinions (either via social media, with our staff over the phone, or in person) about our productions, policies, casts, or staff, please refrain from using language that may be viewed as offensive or hurtful. We value and encourage community feedback and ask that you engage with our team in a respectful manner.