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Residency Program

Artists in Residence

Raue Center’s artist in residence program creates the opportunity to work closely with the artists as they engage with our community and grow in their particular area of concentration. Our artists in residence find that it’s a wonderful chance to dedicate time and space to create and experiment with new work or collaborate with new artists.

Artist residencies are important because they allow artists to spend time in a new atmosphere and environment. They support cultural and artistic exchange, nurture experimentation and new ideas, and support research and the development of new work.

Artists in Residence  2022-23 Season


Bourbon Country includes Randy Leggeel, Jody and Paul Fields, and Wade Frazier and blends their experience in jazz, theater, rock, and country with influences from Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks to the Carpenters and everything in between.


Diva in Residence 2021-22 Season

“My diva residency gave me many gifts. There’s the obvious: work, residency in a beautiful venue with top-notch staff and crew who treated me like a star. There’s a prestige and profile that comes with such an artist’s residency.

Most importantly for me personally is that the Raue Diva Residency helped me find my voice and the direction I want my performing life to go. It also confirmed that I have good instincts. It was a confidence builder on so many levels and you need confidence to make it in this business!”