All New Perks to Group Sales Patrons!

Group Discount Rate
10 – 20 people: 12% off tickets
21-50 people: 18% off tickets
51+: 25% off tickets

Click HERE for an easy access guide on how to plan your group’s outing

Group Leader Perks

Comp ticket exclusively for group leaders.
Drink tickets for free drinks exclusively for group leaders.

All New Rewards Program

 Earn addition comp tickets for each every 50 patrons brought in through repeat purchases*
(For example: build up to 50 tickets = 1 comp ticket, 100 tickets = 2 comps, 150 tickets = 3 comps, etc.)
Get to 750 tickets and get a group of 10 – 20 FREE comp tickets!**

 Earn additional drink tickets for every 15 patrons brought in through repeat purchases*
(For example: 15 tickets = 1 drink ticket, 30 tickets = 2 drink tickets, 45 = 3 drink tickets, etc.)
Get to 225 tickets and get a set of 10-25 FREE drink tickets!**

 Earn recognition in the theatre
(Build up to 500 tickets to have your group recognized in the curtain speech every performance you attend)
(Build up to 1000 tickets to have a plaque permanently hung in our theater honoring your group)

Get Involved with the Show

Q & A’s available for your group with certain select touring artists when available.
Talkbacks with members of cast, crew and production team available for shows with local talent.

Exclusive Discount Opportunities

 Exclusive Zone A “Front-of-House” discounts available

 Additional per ticket fees waived


 Exclusive souvenir photography

 Gifts available

 Temporary Access to 26 N


Put Together Your Own Group for Easy Discounts!

Click HERE for information on our Your Squad program: All the Group Sales Benefits, None of the Headaches

 Early knowledge of shows added to our season.

 Early Access to tickets for shows added to our season.

 Downloadable Travel Guide & Map with Restaurants & Shopping.

 Exclusive Parking available at 100 S. Main St.
(Spacious parking lot with shuttle service available)

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Theatre Tours

Learn About the History & Technology of Our Beautiful Theater!

Tours of our historic theatre available for your group! Learn all about the history of the theatre from the late 20’s through to today. Learn about the renovations made to turn the theatre into Raue Center for the Arts. Learn about all the technology used in the theatre to produce our one of a kind shows.

For further information, please contact Matt Fraser at
or Jeanne Slater at or by calling the box office at 815.356.9212

*Once each milestone is hit, tickets apply to next purchase
** Programs reset once 750 tickets (for comp tickets) or 225 tickets (for drink tickets) is reached