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Artful Women is dedicated to exploring current issues in a format that will enrich, inspire, educate and entertain the community.

Raue Center’s Artful Women Artist Series was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Heisler at the suggestion of Raue Center executive director Richard Kuranda. Regina Belt-Daniels currently serves as committee chair. Committee members include women of all ages and backgrounds with a passion for the arts. Artful Women is sponsored by Northwest Herald.

2016/2017 Schedule: 

Susanna Rich, poet & songwriter 

June 11 @ 3p–BUY NOW!
Shakespeare’s *itches: The Women Talk Back

A poetry musical from the points of view of Shakespeare’s female characters and our contemporary counterparts, including The Dark Lady of the Sonnets teasing Will; Desdemona in a duet with Nicole Brown Simpson; Kate, the shrew, as a contemporary bartender singing a drinking song; Gertrude taunting Ophelia; and Cordelia rapping on the Mountebank William Show. In turns rollicking and moving, bawdy and philosophical, Shakespeare’s *itches gives voice to often victimized characters, and, through poetry and song, restores their power.  The audience will be invited to participate and sing along! Written and performed by Emmy-nominated poet and troubadour Susanna Rich.

Poet and songwriter, Susanna Rich is an Emmy Award nominee and a Fulbright Fellow in Creative Writing.  Founding producer and principal performer of Wild Nights Productions, LLC, Susanna’s repertoire includes the new poetry musical Shakespeare’s *itches: The Women Talk Back; ashes, ashes: A Poet Responds to the Shoah; and Television Daddy.  Susanna is author of three poetry collections, Television Daddy, The Drive Home, and Surfing for Jesus.  She is the winner of the Ekphrasis Prize for Poetry and recipient of the Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Teaching as professor of English at Kean University, in New Jersey.