7 Signs That You Are Meant to Be in Musical Theatre

1). You find it difficult to keep from spontaneously breaking out in song—

Because, let’s face it… life gets boring when you’re not providing your own sound track.

2). You love SMILING—

Smiling at the neighbors, smiling at your boss, smiling at patrons, smiling at your neighbors’ dog. Smiling just makes everything better… and singing… and dancing. But mostly smiling.

3). If your apartment is covered in bobby pins—

Even if you’re a guy…

4). Or headshots—

Especially if you’re a guy.

5). You always appreciate making an entrance—

In fact, if you’re not making a grand entrance, people assume you’re not feeling well.  And this entrance is usually accompanied with song.

6). Honey and tea, no dairy, comprise about 50% of your diet at any given time—

You know when you need to rest your voice, which is most of the time… because who knows when you’re going to need to break out in song to make your, or someone else’s, day that much more magical?

7). You enjoy pretending your someone else, like, all of the time—

It’s just the greatest thing to not have to deal with reality, because (let’s face it) reality lacks enough dancing, singing, and, well, singing and dancing.